To My Sweet Little Lair…

04th December, 2014. 5:23pm

Today, the Daily Prompt’s Wronged Objects asks:

If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology?

dusty books

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I feel like I owe one ginormous apology to my room, because she’s being abused and not well-taken care of since I had her renovated. I love her so much, like so freaking much. I spent a month and a half’s worth of salary beautifying her, but I just wasn’t able to clean her more thoroughly over the past months. So with that, I am terribly sorry.

However, there’s one more thing I need to greatly apologize for—my bookshelf and all of my books and magazines. I LOVE reading books. SO MUCH. I keep buying new books; couldn’t resist it. **I know, why don’t I just buy an eBook reader? Saves me space and money, right? Well, my dear friend, let me just tell you. An eBook reader may sound like a practical way to spare my precious room from dusts and dirt, but I don’t think I can ever like reading from an ebook. And besides, the real thing is better and more impressive.

So to my dear bookshelf, I am terribly sorry. Sorry for letting you get dusty. Sorry for not cleaning you every single week, sorry for failing to cover all of you with plastic. I promise one day I will deal with all of you; make sure you’re all safely covered in plastic. You guys are so important to me that I even include you in my last will and testament—no one ever has the right to throw or give you away, or I will haunt them down and take them to the grave with me. **Drama Queen much? Yeah, well, whatever! And like I care?!

My room, I also promise that once my sister move out, I will make sure to prettify you even more; turn you into a chic home office you’d want to come alive. That’s a promise. And along with that, I do solemnly swear that I will keep you clean. All the time. Pinky swear.





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