Oh, shit. I think I’m becoming a Vampire!

04th December, 2014. 4:45am

I think I’m growing fangs. I’m serious. Two sharp teeth in front aches I think it’s getting sharper by the day. If I turned into a vampire after reading Anatomy of a Misfit, I swear I’m gonna go after Andrea Portes and make her my first kill. I’m gonna feed off of her and have a blast sucking her blood!

**Ooooookay, morbid much?

Which is really weird and stupid, because when I was young, I was actually afraid of vampires. I’m not kidding! I use to sleep at night with a pillow above my head so that vampires wouldn’t see my neck and think about biting it and drain my blood and turn me into one of them.

And then I saw Twilight and I realized it was a hoaxed.

Why am I still up, if you may ask? Blame it on that book! I’m now halfway through it, which is good, I guess, because then it means I really have a shot at finishing my Reading Challenge for this year. But see, that’s the thing about reading a great book – it makes you lose a few hours of sleep. I swear, if I was too tired and sleepy when I went to bed to start reading, now it’s like I can run a marathon. Why can’t my mind simply rest after reading a book?

Ugh. Guess I better try to sleep now for real. I promise I wouldn’t pick up the book again. I’ll try sooooo freaking hard not to.







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