Dreamland: Grumpy Cat

04th December, 2014. 11:56am


That thing that attacked me was actually bigger than this. WAY bigger and angrier.
Photo c/o: earthporm.com

There was a talent show, and I was part of it. I was supposed to sing something lame. I was given that song because, apparently, my coach doesn’t know I love to sing. I was waiting for my turn, bidding the others good luck especially this you ng, thin boy who I don’t know when suddenly, our dance trainer called us all for a pictorial. We huddled into this long chair; the parents were even there! But before I even get to go on stage and show everyone how freaking talented I am, I went out. I don’t know why. I just did.

As I was walking at almost nighttime, to where I have no idea, I even passed by an old classmate from high school, she was asking me about my kid and I told her that they’re not mine, a big scary cat was approaching. I don’t know why the people around was not scared, and I’m not (**okay, maybe just a little bit), but it was coming after. AFTER ME! I don’t know what this cat’s problem is, but the thing looks like it wants to devour me. And I’m not talking about cute, cuddly cats. This one’s fucking HUGE! Bear-like in size, orange, and has a lot issues. It was blind so it can’t see me, but it can smell me and it was so mad! I run for my life, try to hide. I even climb up the house’s roofs, thinking the big scary cat won’t reach me up there. I was wrong. It did and it was determined to catch me.

I tried hitting it with either a big book or a video tape. I know, I’m so lame, right? Anyway, hitting it didn’t help. If anything, it made the thing get even more mad! Finally, I ran outside until I reached a highway, thank God I was a couple of inches away from kitty cat, and flagged two police officers. At first, they’re not paying attention to me, but I kept screaming until they looked. The terrified look on their faces signals that the big orange cat is fast approaching so I hailed a bus, jumped on it, and left the police officers to deal with the big vicious thing. When I wake up, my left arm is hurting sooooooo freaking bad! I hate it when my dreams make me feel exhausted.

What it means, I have no idea. I know that cats usually symbolizes femininity and mystery but it was that huge and angry and chasing me, I really don’t know.What that thing’s issue is with me, I have no idea, but I sure like to know.







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