24th November, 2014. 1:25pm

I literally just came home from an exciting taping day of the Knockouts round of The Voice of the Philippines. I’m soooo tired and sleepy, but also so, so happy. I can’t say anything about the taping, all I can say is that it’s going to be a very interesting season two. There are a lot of great talents this year! Every artist is unique. I’m also proud of the team I’m rooting for. They’re the best team of the four; everyone was disciplined and talented with world-class talents. I can’t wait for the Live shows!

I’m gonna have to go back on my posts this weekend and fix them all. I also need to catch up on my writings and all. Plus, I still have my Mockingjay review to write. Mockingjay. Oh, fuck! I LOOOOOOVE THAT MOVIE! I’m going to dedicate one post for that later.

Yesterday, before me and my siblings watch Mockingjay, I dropped by the bookstore. Since  I’m almost halfway through Quiet, I decided to buy four new ones. 🙂





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