Story of My Life (Not the One Direction song)

21st November, 2014. 2:25pm

If your life were a movie, what would its soundtrack be like? What songs, instrumental pieces, and other sound effects would be featured on the official soundtrack album?

I love today’s Daily Prompt called Cue the Violins because I love music. And since I love music, I cannot, will not, choose a single song to summarize my 29 years of existence, so I’m just gonna ramble them up and try to explain their meaning to me, okay?

First up, A Whole New World from Aladdin (performed by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga) for my childhood:

I think by now everyone already knows my love for Disney but this Aladdin piece is so special for me because I grew up watching and listening to its soundtrack. It’s also one of the very reasons why I became a Lea Salonga fan. Although I wasn’t a royal like Princess Jasmine and I don’t have a prince like Aladdin (*well, haven’t met yet), my childhood was just as fun. In Princess Jasmine’s words, every moment was red-letter. *Yes, you dimwit. It was actually red-letter, not get better or any of those choices in PlayBuzz’s Do You REALLY Know All The Lyrics To A Whole New World? game.

High School days – Power of Two by the Indigo Girls:

I chose this song because me and my sister used to sing this when we were in High School. We went to the same high school; both members of the dance troupe. I know that the song may be for a couple, but I think it’s perfect for us, too. We were not best friends growing up, but we were close enough; we never pull each other’s hair out or screamed at each other because the other one used the other sister’s clothes or makeup without permission. We were better together, that’s why it would be such a tear-jerker when she leaves soon to be with her husband in another country.

College days – The Wizard and I, and Defying Gravity from the musical, Wicked:

College is all about me and starting to chase my dream and this song pretty much sums it up; I showed talent; I worked hard. Like Elphaba, I didn’t know that the things I’ve done since I was a little girl (ie; writing letters and short notes, making little trinkets) would actually lead me to get one step closer to achieving my goals, and I did. And I defied gravity (**okay, not gravity per se, but you get the point, right?) With hard work, talent, and just being me, I got what I wanted—I was given the chance to work at my favorite publishing and broadcasting company, even if people LITERALLY told me I would never have that chance.

The first four years of being a working girl – The Winner Takes It All by ABBA:

I started working barely two months after I threw my college graduation cap. I actually dedicate this song to my horrible of a former boss and an office mate who failed miserably in hiding that there’s nothing going on between the two of them. I wasn’t jealous; I’m angry. I (along with other fellow office mates) was the one who works our asses off but who got the jackpot money in the end? It’s that bitch who knows only the helicopter.

***I’m not going to explain what that is if you don’t know what it is so don’t ask.

Just like the song, I did play by the rules. I played my cards well, even sided with the administration. I made it to the top, but when I got there did I gain anything? Nope. I was a fool playing by the rules when the ones hosting the game were cheating themselves. But I can’t let them win, so I left, making sure they wouldn’t get anything back from me, especially everything that I have learned all by myself as the Senior Writer, Team Leader and SEO Specialist for four years.

2011-2013 – What Is This Feeling? from the musical, Wicked:

***I know, Wicked again? Well, what can you say, I love it.

I chose this because my life turned upside down in mid-2011 and it’s all because of that whore. And just Elphaba and Galinda, there’s just this feeling fervid as a flame where my head reels, pulse rushes and face flushes every time I feel her presence. I hate the fact that I was forced to reside with someone so disgusticified. And hell no, unlike Elphaba and Galinda, I will NEVER be BFFs with that whore, and I will loath her and those little chuckies for the rest of my fucking life.

2014 – Let It Go from the movie, Frozen (Idina Menzel version), and I Care by Beyonce:

Because I’ve gone through so much in so little years, I knew somehow that I just need to let it go, and let go I did. I realized that thinking about IT too much just drives me madder and insane. I may have built a kingdom of isolation where I’m the queen, but it definitely freed me from all the angst I was feeling. I don’t care what they’re going to say anymore; I had to think of my sanity.

But just like what Beyoncé said in the song I Care, deep down of course I still care. I actually offer this song for my Dad, because even if he’s acting like a hormonal teenager that his parents could not control. Even if he doesn’t care too much of how we feel or what we think, it’s okay. At the end of the day, I still care, anyway. And he’s my father, it’s not like I can hate him forever. I still respect him even if I hate what he’s doing to us.

When My Sister Leaves – I Hate This Part by The Pussycat Dolls:

It hasn’t happen yet, and I hope it never will, but this is going to be life’s soundtrack after my sister leaves and I was left with him and those little monsters. I’m so freaking tired of feeding people I’m not supposed to feed so when things get crazier, I actually just might go on my way. I hate this part right here, but I gotta do it. I gotta do it.

There’ll be Time/The Journey by Lea Salonga:

I added this song because I love this song, especially this mashup with There’ll be Time. I know my journey continues, and I will catch every drop of hope I get in my empty cup if it means I get to forward and onward along the way.

For when I die (aka “The ‘End Credits’ Song”) – I Was Here by Beyoncé:

Each of us want to be remembered when we passed away. I just want to be remembered for being me; someone who loved her family; someone who did everything she wanted and more; a girl who made a difference not in the entire world, but in the life of someone particularly close to me. Who that is, I don’t know, but I hope that when I finally join my Mother up there, it’d be the time after I touched someone’s heart and meant in somebody’s life.






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