I’m Funny, Too, You Know… Right? RIGHT?

19th November, 2014. 3:22pm

NaBloPoMo, Wednesday, November 19

Are you the funny one in most groups? What kinds of things do you find funniest?

Blair Waldorf fake laugh

Photo c/o: popsugar.com

That’s a funny question right there. Am I the funny one in the group? ABSOLUTELY… NOT!

Ask any of my family and friends, and I’m pretty sure they’ll say the same thing; I WAS NEVER THE FUNNY ONE. I do have a lot of funny friends; ones who can make you laugh your head off even without saying too much, but me? Well, you must be drunk to even consider laughing at my jokes…

Which is actually quite funny (pun intended), because there are a few followers of mine that actually think my articles are “funny.” I seriously don’t know what it means, but apparently some people think I am funny, which is really strange.

Being a shy girl practically my entire life, “funny” has never been the best word to describe me. “Quiet” perhaps, but never “funny.” So it always comes to me as a joke when someone says I’m funny (or that my articles are funny—funny and relevant are the exact words). Are my articles really that funny? I never find them funny, but I’m glad some people did.

So what kinds of things do I find funniest? Hmm… let me see. I like blooper reels of my favorite TV shows and movies. THAT I really find funny. I like the clean and green jokes on The Morning Rush with Chico, Delle and Gino. I find some sarcastic remarks funny, and basically, anything adorable (or stupid) my nephew and nieces say. I find all of it funny. But me? Haha. You gotta be kidding.

*Okay, I should stop now. I’ve probably said the word “funny” a hundred times, although nothing is actually funny with what I’ve just written. And why the hell am I convincing anyone whether I’m funny or not? Huh.

The bottom line is, NO. I’m not the funny one, nor will I ever be the class clown. But maybe my writing is. **Or maybe I’m just deluding myself.




2 thoughts on “I’m Funny, Too, You Know… Right? RIGHT?

  1. I believe there are the people who come across funny or witty in conversations. I have been told that. But there are those who are witty and funny in the written word and that is a true gift. I follow many bloggers who are “funny” like yourself 🙂 and I admire that you can convey this skill in your blogs. Keep it up!

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