Coo-Coo Princess

19th November, 2014. 12:20pm

The Daily Prompt’s Cousin It asks:

We all have that one eccentric relative who always says and does the strangest things. In your family, who’s that person, and what is it that earned him/her that reputation?


Coo-Coo Princess (Right) and her siblings

She was that Disney baby and the Broadway baby even though she has never seen an Original Broadway Cast perform live. She has the fairest skin of us all. When she was born, everyone thought the doctors gave the wrong baby when they first saw her. She was just so… white and beautiful. Or so they say.

Not albino white, no. It’s just because Filipinos are known for being brown-skinned so having a baby with a milky-white skin was so strange. People actually called her “Tisay” (Tee-sigh); that’s kind of the slang term for “Mestiza” in Filipino.

Growing up, Coo-Coo Princess LOVES her Disney movies. At one point, she really thought that she would someday become a princess herself. It wasn’t until she turns 12 that she realized she wasn’t royalty after all. But despite all that, Coo-Coo Princess’ love for fairy tales and happy ever afters never fade. It even branched out to Broadway musicals. No one knows why she loves those things so much, when none in the family was even a fan of those things. The rest of us have seen a few Disney films growing up, sure, but everyone pretty much grew tired of it, except her.

Despite her obsession with anything Disney and Broadway, Coo-Coo Princess was quiet and reserved. She doesn’t talk much, but when she does, oh boy, it was as if she’d never talk again. Especially when she’s drunk? Oh yeah, Coo-Coo Princess is a happy drunk. Every cousin likes to invite her to drinking sessions because it’s when she gets out of her shell for a while and “be normal” like the rest of us.

You’d think Coo-Coo Princess probably gets drunk easily, do you? That’s not true. She’s actually quite the opposite. I know, strange, right?

Remember when I told you that Coo-Coo Princess rarely gets out of her shell? The thing is she takes that saying literally. You rarely see her outside. She’d rather stay inside, go watch a movie or read a book or listen to her Disney and Broadway playlist than go out and get wasted. She’s so boring!

When we were kids, Coo-Coo Princess prefers playing with her Barbie dolls and toy pots instead of playing outside with the rest of us. She would come out occasionally, but often she simply keeps to herself. When she went to college, everyone was surprised when she took up a course that is very contrasting to her personality. We didn’t think she would last a day in that course, but surprisingly, she did. She even had the privilege of working for two big publishing and broadcasting companies in the country. But despite all that, her being a shy, introverted girl remains. No one knows why.

I could go on and on about Coo-Coo Princess. I could tell you more about her peculiar brain; her love for TV shows and movies no one else seems to like; I can ramble about why she likes keeping things she calls “trinkets” when her sister or mother just throw them in the trash, and so on. But the thing is, even if she’s a little cuckoo, everyone loves her and accepts her for who she is… at least that’s what she thinks.





Oh yeah, and did I tell you her name was Jhack? 🙂







(PS: I chose myself because I really couldn’t think anyone else more peculiar than moi)



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