I Saw the Sign… I think. Now What?

18th November, 2014. 1:53am

follow that dream

Photo c/o: pinterest.com

You know how we ask for signs whether we should go for something we are planning to do or not? What do you do when you finally got the sign you were asking for? How would you know if it really was a sign and not just some crazy coincidence?

A few days ago, I asked my Mom to give me a sign whether I should (well, can) use a small amount on my bank account to pay for my Hong Kong trip next year. Despite the fact that I regularly dream about her, I know I wouldn’t get it, because why am I wasting the money that my mother saved for my future on such foolish pursuits? But a week later, I had a dream. We were at our old house and Mommy had me called an international bank (with initials C and F somewhere in its name). She said she needs to transfer some money; to whom, I don’t know. I did what she asked, and handed her the phone when the line was connected. As she was talking to the bank’s agent, I went downstairs to help prepare for dinner. We were all complete—me, my sister, my brother and his family, and Dad, only Dad doesn’t look happy. After the call, Mom went to join us in the table downstairs. She was happy, but Dad wasn’t.

At first, I was puzzled. Does Mom have an international account? What does she want to tell me? Do we need to check on our bank accounts? Why is Dad unhappy with Mommy’s presence? Then it hit me. This is it. This could be the sign I was waiting for. Or is it?

Help me decode this dream, please. Is it a sign or am I just misreading it?




6 thoughts on “I Saw the Sign… I think. Now What?

  1. Our minds release all our fears while we are asleep. Maybe your dad being unhappy in your dream is your fear that he will disapprove of you going away?
    Maybe ask your dad for his opinion on you going away….
    If your mum was here… Would she be supportive?
    Goodluck decoding.

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