RomCom Saturday: Life Partners

15th November, 2014. 4:28am

Since I don’t have anywhere else to go today, and I have a lot of new movies I just downloaded these past few weeks, I decided to have a movie marathon. Alone, because my sister’s still in dreamland, and I can’t sleep so here I am, catching up on some movies.

First up, Life Partners. It’s this Leighton Meester movie that I have never heard of until I saw it on the website I download movies and TV shows at.

I’m still watching the movie so I can’t tell yet whether it sucks or not but in this movie, she plays a lesbian. I know, right? Who woulda thought that the same actress who once played Blair Waldorf played a lesbian after? It’s unreal!

Leighton Meester GIF

Photo c/o:

I gotta go back watch now. I’ll update you later. But before I leave, allow me to share a selfie I just took before typing this. Well, what can you say, sleeplessness brings out the cray-cray in moi. (And you’re gonna have to bear with my post coz I’m blogging straight from my phone. I’ll edit ’em later or tomorrow)





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