Post-Life Partners

15th November, 2014. 5:32am

Life Partners (Leighton Meester movie)

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So I literally just finished watching Life Partners. It’s… okay. It was a light, sorta fun, movie. It was nothing like The L Word if that’s what you had in mind, no, it was just like any other romcom, except instead of the straight couple being the only lead, you get a bonus with the girl’s lesbian bff and her journey in life.

What I liked about the movie was the fact that a straight girl and a lesbian can love each other in a platonic way, very much like how a straight man can be best buddies with a gay man. It may confuse some people but I think it’s real love if this really happened. I know enough gay men and women to prove this to be true.

Oh, yeah, sorry if you’re anti-gay people. I don’t hate them. I don’t just have gay friends, but gay relatives, too. I think each of us have been there in the confusing stage once. It’s fine. No harm done. Preference is alright as long as you’re living your life right.





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