13th November, 2014. 10:59pm

I wasn’t able to post my entry for yesterday’s Instagram Black and White Photo Challenge so I’m sharing the photos I uploaded yesterday and today. Yesterday, the photo I shared was called, “Cats on a (semi) hot tin roof” because I took them around 8 or 9 am:

cats on a semi hot tin roofFor Day 4, I nominated MEG’s former EIC, Pierra. For Day 5, I nominated my co-dancer, Ken John. I also uploaded a photo titled, “Paunjalay”

PaunjalayBecause it’s Thursday, I figured I’d share one of the photos back when I was still a dancer. I shared this photo because it’s one of my favorite dances that I have performed. It’s called “Paunjalay” (pronounced ‘pah-oon-ja [as in “ja” in jack]-lie); it’s a pre-nuptial folk dance from a province here in the Philippines called Basilan. It is performed before the wedding ceremony with the bride and groom’s faces painted to mask their identities from the evil spirits. I provided a video below in case you want to see how it’s being performed:

This video was performed by Ina Feleo and Llyod Callangan of Bayanihan Philippine National Folk Dance Company. This version was simpler, with only the “bride” and the “groom” but usually, the dance is accompanied by another number called “magigal”, where there are four other maidens preparing the bride and groom. Others even include the father of the bride handing a present to the groom.

Anyway, I shared that photo because I love and missed dancing so much. I wish I could go back some other time, though.






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