The Unexpected Visitor

12th November, 2014. 12:35pm

This is a response to the Daily Prompt’s Trio no. 4 (and PS: THIS ENTRY IS NOT FOR KIDS)

Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must include a speeding car, a phone call, and a crisp, bright morning. (Wildcard: you can swap any of the above for a good joke.)

speeding car

Photo c/o:

One crisp, bright morning I lie awake in bed
slowly waiting for the alarm to get off.
Get off…
Why does it sound funny and dirty to me?

I turned right, and grabbed for my phone on the side table.
After abandoning it for eight hours,
I finally checked my phone.
Three missed calls.
Ten unread messages.
I should care
but I don’t.

Suddenly, a phone call.
It was him.
I answered on the third ring,
Nothing. All I hear was breathing.
No wait, moaning.
I closed my eyes and there he was
right in front of me.

Pinning me down,
Kissing me gently,
Then more passionately.
I saw fireworks as he thrust intensely,
Experience the Double Dragon as he turn me over,
And like a F1 driver, he drives in and out like a speeding car.

Blurred visions.
A glass of water overflowing.
Big waves splashing all over me.
And finally, I blacked out.

I opened my eyes with a big smile on my face after what seemed like years
And when I did, he was gone.
I checked my buzzing phone.
No new messages.
No missed calls.
Then I realized,
He was never mine to begin with.




3 thoughts on “The Unexpected Visitor

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