Decoding Dreams

10th November, 2014. 2:44pm

NaBloPoMo, Monday, November 10:

What knowledge do you have that others don’t? Write a “how to” post about anything you’ve got skills for, small or large.


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I spend a long time deciding what to write about today’s prompt, because really, what do I know that others don’t or may not? Considering all cultural differences, of course, there are a number of things that I can share, but what is something that everyone can relate to without you getting dizzy from whatever it is I have to say? This is why I decided to share my knowledge of decoding dreams instead.

While some people rely on dream interpretation books, tarot cards and runes, I prefer not to use any of them. Not that tarot cards and runes won’t help you, they do actually, but those are just guides to help you understand what lies beneath, as well as a tool to give you a peek of what’s to come. When family and friends ask me to interpret their dreams, I prefer to listen, observe, and think.

So what can I share that may help you decode your own dreams? Let me tell you my sister-in-law’s dreams that I helped her decode just yesterday:

She was at home and a seer or a witch, a wizard or someone laid a jackstone on top of her head, chanting something at the same time. After the chant, she suddenly saw a figure that wants to hurt her, so she went outside with the man (seer) and ran all the way to the park near their place, where there are people watching an event. She yelled and asked for help, but not one soul seemed to hear what she was saying. The man then told her, “Grace, just pray. Recite The Lord’s Prayer”, so she did. After saying the prayer, it was as if the people was pulled out of trance and finally saw the approaching figure after her. But just as they rushed forward to help her, the figure disappeared and the dream suddenly ended.

Now what did I learn about this and how did I interpreted it? I told her this:

Since she’s on her way to making big on her career, (which means leaving her family behind to work in another country) it’s becoming harder for her to decide (whether to go or not). The jackstone on top of her head represents her children (and family); how she was thinking of them, not wanting to leave them behind. The figure represents her. Notice how the figure disappeared after she prayed? I think that that’s one of God’s way of telling her to just keep praying; for clarity, enlightenment and guidance. The people in the park represented everyone in her surroundings. My sister-in-law is in the networking business, so it’s understandable why a lot of people don’t believe in her. I told her that she should just keep praying, and believing in herself because once she’s achieved her goals, then that’s when people would finally believe her and see what she can do.

See why I don’t need no books about dream interpretations? Dreams are subjective. All you need is to pay attention to little details and connect it with your current situation. Be aware of your surroundings. What is going on? How does the people or the nature react? Observe. Listen. Don’t panic.

One of the things I love about dreams is that it opens up my subconscious and let me in my inner thoughts. Sometimes, my dreams are as cryptic as a puzzle; pieces I need to solve. Other times, they’re like the clearest pond, where all I need to do is look down closely to see what’s down the pool. But sometimes, dreams tell me what the future holds, if only I remember to listen carefully and understand what is going on. It helped me figure out what will happen in the future, as well as teach me a lesson about something that’s boggling my mind, but most of the time, dreams allow me to look inside myself and remind me of the things I may be taking for granted. It’s like that small voice inside ourselves, waiting to be heard. You can do it too, if you only listen to that still small voice inside your heart and head.






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