I’m a Pro, Am I Not?

06th November, 2014. 3:00pm

NaBloPoMo: Thursday, November 6

Do you consider yourself a “professional” blogger? Why or why not? What does that mean to you?


Photo c/o: masternewmedia.org

Since I was introduced to the world of writing on an online journal (ie; Friendster Blog), blogging has always been a regular part of my Social Networking routine. I’ve been to Friendster, MySpace, Multiply, Facebook, and even to various blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress, and an online private journal website called Penzu. My earliest entry in Blogger dated back to 2005, but I know I’ve been blogging longer than that. Does that make me a “professional” blogger, or does that just mean that I really like writing my thoughts out?

Despite knowing the ropes about blogging (heck, I even ended up getting a job that involves blogging somehow), I’m not sure if I can consider myself a “professional blogger.” Nowadays, it’s so easy for people to label themselves, even when they’re not. Like when someone owns a DSLR and can use it to take pictures that aren’t nearly as picturesque as they think, they’d automatically assume they are “professional photographers.” Or how about those girls who take hundreds upon hundreds of selfies that they upload on Instagram? Just because you’re posing on your lacy thongs and bra doesn’t make you a Victoria’s Secret model, a lingerie model, or a professional model. No. It doesn’t work that way. These people get paid to do what they do, you’re not, so stop deluding yourself with something that you’re not.

I guess some people here would just say I’m bitter or jealous or whatever. I’m not. The thing is, I firmly believe that the term “professional” is someone who is so freaking great at what they do it could cure cancer. Not only that, professionals also know what to do with what, when and how, and people praise them for it. (And as an added bonus, Pros get credits, citations, and awards for being so darn great at what they do)

Being called a “Professional” means not stopping to get better at what you do. Every “professional” didn’t bloom out of nowhere and nothing. They work so damn hard to get where they are and achieve what they’ve achieved but most of all, professionals never hesitate to continue to learn more and educate others in return. So, am I professional? I don’t know, but at least I love and enjoy what I do.





6 thoughts on “I’m a Pro, Am I Not?

  1. I think, and you should take what I think with a grain of salt since we’ve never met before, that concerning yourself with the professionalism aspect of blogging isn’t nearly as important as your enjoyment of doing it.
    I say this because if you enjoy it, and you love it, and it’s something you are knowledgeable about, you’re essentially a professional just without the societal accreditation. Yet, if we concern ourselves with these details it dilutes the main focus; how much you love blogging.

    If you asked me, you pretty much are. At least in my eyes. By the way, I love your typeface. It’s gorgeous.


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    • Oh, thanks! I hardly count myself as a professional blogger actually because for me, the term “Professional Blogger” means you profit for blogging. I don’t. I just simply blog. But yes, I enjoy blogging very much. I’ve been doing it for years and hasn’t grown tired doing it. Being a writer and an SEO specialist helped, of course, but I’m still not sure whether I can call myself a “Professional Blogger.”

      Oh, and thanks for the other compliment. It’s Angelic War (ie; if you’re referring to the Blog Title and my signature) 🙂



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