Be Aware

04th November, 2014. 5:18pm


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Today, I’m taking a new challenge I found at the Community Events. It’s called I’ve Got Lyrics by 876lover. The rules are simple:

I've Got Lyrics Challenge->You must use the first song that plays.
->The genre of your work is up to you (fiction, non-fiction, anything you want.)
->There is no word limit for your story or poem (please keep the length reasonable.)
->Show the lyrics (inspiration) chosen, put it either before or after your work.
->Use the tag “I’ve Got Lyrics Challenge” and the hashtag “#IGLChallenge” for Twitter.
->Without the tag I will not be able to find your post.
->Put a link in your post to this page.
->Have fun writing 🙂

So, on to my song. Upon opening iTunes, shuffle on, the first song that played in the background was Lea Salonga’s version of Be Aware. It was a song written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David with a very powerful message, but the one that speaks to me the most were the lines:

Somewhere in the world,
someone is cold.
Be aware.
And while you’re feeling young,
someone is old.
Be aware.
And while your stomach is full,
somewhere in this world,
someone is hungry.
When there is so much,
should anyone be hungry?

Last Sunday, me and my sister-in-law attended our dance company’s meeting for our upcoming Christmas Party. Since I was riding with them, I decided not to bring any money with me since I know the meeting won’t take long. After the meeting, our choreographer invited us for dinner to his favorite diner near our old high school. While we were in the car waiting to be parked, I saw a homeless man holding a staff in his left hand. Normally, homeless people don’t bug me, but when I saw that he wasn’t wearing anything in his foot except ragged, holed socks, I instantly wanted to get out of the car and comfort him.

Seeing the homeless man made me want to grab my purse and buy him a pair of shoes or slippers, at least. But because I didn’t bring any money, I couldn’t. It was then that I realized that despite every challenge that was thrown my way, I was still lucky. Lucky to have a roof over my head; food to keep my stomach full; clothes to keep me warm, and a number of socks and shoes to keep my feet comfortable. The man had nothing. Not even a nice pair of socks to keep his feet from getting dirty and other diseases.

This is exactly what the song is all about. While each of us complains about what’s lacking in our life, others have nothing. And while some people’s main concern is which filter would make their food porn look extra delicious, others haven’t even eaten for days. And as someone’s problem is what to wear for the day, others don’t even have a blanket to keep them warm.

Since Lea Salonga’s version isn’t available on the internet, I’m sharing you Barbra Streisand’s version of Be Aware instead.

Street Children in the Philippines

An example of homeless children in the Philippines.
Photo c/o: ramdiboy on

So, the next time we waste that extra amount of food or drinks you took from the buffet table, always remember that other people have nothing. Be Aware.




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