Monday Rants

03rd November, 2014. 2:38pm

I hate feeling sick every Monday. No, I don’t think it’s Monday Morning Syndrome, today is different. Usually, I just deal with allergic rhinitis, but today’s it’s more than that. Today, it’s clogged nose, dry cough and itchy throat.

The good thing is even if my nose is a bit clogged, I can still blow some of the mucus out. The bad news is I have foods in the ref that wants to be eaten and even if I want to, I can’t. I have to let my throat heal first.

It sucks feeling sick, especially on a day like today. It’s NaBloPoMo’s first day and I haven’t even started on my article yet. Plus, I have things I actually want to blog about – like Halloween and another dream, and one more thing, which I can’t remember now. I just hope it’s still on my phone so I can write it later.

Hope your Monday’s going smoothly unlike mine.




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