Dreamland: Finding “Him”

imaginary boyfriend

Photo c/o: kotaku.com.au

(Date Written) 02nd November, 2014. 2:18pm

I was with some friends. I don’t particularly know who they are (yet), but I know they’re friends. I met with a guy who “I had a thing” with while I was with someone else who I don’t think is a boyfriend but someone really close to me. While we were at a diner – my, someone else guy, and friends – he, the guy I had a thing with, came in wearing a face I couldn’t quite understand. Everyone knows me and him had an “understanding” but none of us thought this day would come. I-had-a-thing-with-guy came up to me, ignoring the others; I asked him, “what’s going on?” And he hand sign language, put two pointer fingers together then apart. I was shock. I asked him, “you guys broke up?!” He nodded his head. I was speechless. I didn’t know he would actually do that. I don’t know why I felt that, I know I didn’t make him do that, but I was still shocked he and her broke up. Suddenly, he put his lips on mine, then we hugged.

Afterwards, I escorted him outside and led him somewhere. I think it was my apartment, because the next thing I knew I was out the door to meet a friend I had never met before. She was tall, thin and brown-skinned, with a hair that goes just below her chin. She was just visiting, but somehow the people in my place doesn’t like her. I led her to my room and asked her to make herself comfortable.

I then left with newly single I-had-a-thing-with guy and went to a mall. I don’t know where that particular mall is, or if I had even been there before, but he and I went to buy something for the house. As I was looking through some throw pillows and covers, I-had-a-thing-with guy suddenly disappeared. It was then that I noticed that someone was chasing me. It was a girl. The girl he just broke up with.

I ran. I called his cell and asked to meet me at the cab lane so we can escape together. I was a bit afraid and freaked out because the girl was with two other men. Thugs, they seem. I ran faster until I was outside. I hailed a cab and, just as I was about to step inside the cab, I-had-a-thing-with guy suddenly showed up and escorted me inside. We ran away together and said we’ll head to LA.

I don’t know what his name was. All I know was that he’s only a few inches taller than me, and he has that boy next door look. I also know (or feel) that he’s so gentle and kind. And finally, I know all of these didn’t happen here in the Philippines. It all happened in New York City.

What does that mean? Does it mean that I have to actually go somewhere else (ie; in NYC) just to find “him?” Who are those “friends” I saw in my dream? Who’s the other guy? Why is his “ex” following me? Why does she want to hurt me? Who is HE? Where can I find him?





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