Wicked Day!!!

30th October, 2014. 5:10pm

Wicked (Original Broadway Cast)

Wicked (Original Broadway Cast)
Photo c/o: @adoptomama

Eleven years today, Wicked the musical first opened on Broadway. I’ve been a fan of the musical since 2006, three years since the musical debuted on Broadway. I fell in love with the musical from the moment I first heard the song, Defying Gravity, but watching the original Broadway cast perform it (via Youtube, of course) changed my life. It became one of my favorite musicals ever.

Early this year, I was fortunate to see the musical live for the first time. It was the Australasian cast, and to be honest, I was skeptical at first to see the show because I don’t want to get so disappointed by seeing other people (other than the originals – ie; Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth) play the part. I went into the theater with high hopes and zero expectations. I’m glad I did. It was one of the best nights of my life. Reviewing the Manila run wasn’t hard for me to do, even if I will always choose the original Broadway cast over anyone else.

ChenZel Wicked Popular

Chenzel. Yes, I ship them.
Photo c/o: tumblr.com

Because of Wicked, I learned that there is no such thing as pure goodness and pure wickedness; There’s always a reason why a person becomes good or wicked, and it isn’t our abilities that makes us good or wicked, but what we choose to do; what we decide.

So, in honor of one of my favorite musicals of all time, I share with you one of my favorite videos of the show:

**I was trying to find a video of Idina and Cheno’s For Good from Cheno’s final performance because that was the best but I couldn’t find one, so instead, I just shared their rehearsal footage.

This may sound cliché but I must admit, because of Wicked, I have been changed… for good.




3 thoughts on “Wicked Day!!!

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  2. Love Wicked, got to see it in San Francisco in 2009. I, too, had seen previous performances via Youtube with Idina and Cheno and feared I would not be as wowed by the SF cast…I was! But, I had read the book, Wicked, first, so I was surprised by the Broadway version ending. Still amazing! If you haven’t read the books in the whole series, I highly recommend them.

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    • I have, actually! I’m a Wicked geek! I could watch Wicked videos on Youtube the whole day! I even have Son of a Witch (sequel to Wicked), but I didn’t love the book as much as the musical. Stephen Schwartz and the team made an incredible job with the musical. Love how they gave Glinda more scenes than what was in the book (because she pretty much disappeared in the second part). I also have the Grimmerie. Did you know that one of my life goals is to meet ChenZel? I think I can finally die happy when I meet Elphaba and Glinda! 😀

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