Proof that Magic is Effing REAL!!!

29th October, 2014. 1:47pm

I’m taking a moment off my daily work to share this incredibly amazing video of my beau, Daniel Radcliffe. It was, Oh My F*cking Amazing!!! It was a jaw-dropping, panty-dropping, heart-stopping impromptu performance. I just… I can’t. Watch:

Like, oh my WOW! I already am in love with him but this, this is… WOW. Just. WOW! I can’t. It’s sooooooooooo… WOW. And I’m surprised the words are all clear, unlike some people who call themselves “singers” but swallows every freaking word they utter. He… He can’t be human. It must be his theater background, right? Either that or magic really do exist. Now, all I really have to do is one thing. Daniel,

Frozen Marry Me gif

Photo c/o:

Please? šŸ™‚





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