Dreamland: Lost and Found

25th October, 2014. 9:46am

I was in a mall and was waiting for my girls to arrive. I watched a movie with a guy, although I don’t know who that is. Probably someone I just met. After the movie, I left him to meet my friends, which turned out to be a nightmare.

It was when we were at a coffee shop that things started falling out. I was annoyed because one of my friends brought someone I never wanna see, so I walked out. Angry, I tried looking for food to eat, but ended up in a bicycle store. I’ve always wanted to buy myself one, so I did. It was blue and I loved it. I told the store clerk I’d get back to it because I saw one of the girls. She caught up to me.

I hurried towards the door, out to nowhere. She asked me why I walked out, and I told her it was because of that person. I walked out again. I ran and I ran until I reached a theme park. I rode with a strange guy again to a ride where you have to catch the apples and shoot it to the jars. I resisted sitting with him at first but the guy manning the booth told me it’s a two-man job. So I seated beside the strange guy even if I don’t want to.

It was a fun game and within a minute of playing, we became close. I fell in love. And I didn’t even know his name.

We won. As a price, they gave us tickets to a resort for a day or two. I told him this is great because then we could escape. We almost kissed, but he told me not to. Devastated, I walk out and ran again. While looking for my backpack and my shoes, I saw him with his girlfriend (I think it was his girlfriend). I ran until I reached a house where me and my girls were staying. They were there and waiting for me.

I walked out the door again and went to the town square where they were running after a girl who has magical powers. I don’t know her, but I help her escape. I didn’t know whether I have powers myself because the next thing I knew when she escaped was that I’m almost flying because of running so fast. I went inside a department store that was almost closing. I made it inside the store just before the door completely met the ground.

I hid in one of the boxes, concealed myself with more of it. After a few minutes, the townspeople arrived and was looking for me this time. A boy and a girl found me, pointed me and a cop (or a security guard, perhaps) pointed his flashlight on me. While he was shouting at the others, I found the opportunity and run so fast I was out the store in two seconds.

Once out of their reach, I tore my clothes off (I was wearing pink top and pants) and burned it, then change into a simple black and white outfit. I was running and looking for my way home so I ride the bus where another strange guy, a kind one this time, helped me with my stop. When we reached our stop, I saw that my girls were there, too so I hurry and docked with the guy so they wouldn’t see me. He led me to the terminal I was looking for and bid me goodbye. Once again, I didn’t even catch his name. I just know that he has a fair skin, almond eyes, toned body, and a nice hair. And he’s taller than me. Not too tall, just tall enough.

This time, there were no exploding fireworks or a roaring crowd. He just came and pick me up, no helped me up and guided me to where I’m supposed to go next. But I knew, deep down, that I should look for him next time and thank him. And probably ask his name and introduce myself.

What does that mean? I lost my friends, found not just one but three men who, by the way, left me hanging. Okay, so I left the first one, but what about the two?

Think, Jhack, think.

Oh my effing God! It can’t be…

Remember my entry Dear I’m-Not-Gonna-Say-Your-Name where I talked to “the one that got away”, “my Rumplestiltskin” and “my future husband?” Could this dream be about them? Is this a sign that I’m to meet him soon? Oh my Lord!

But what about my friends? (Yes, it was the same “my girls” I was talking about in the entry) Does that mean our friendship really was over? Is that what’s supposed to happen in order for me to find him, the love of my life?

Why is life so unfair? You gain some but in order for you to have it, you have to lose something else in return. Why can’t you have both your friends and your love? Why?





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