24th October, 2014. 1:20pm

Today, the Daily Prompt’s “Out of Breath” asks:

We all seem to insist on how busy, busy, busy we constantly are. Let’s put things in perspective: tell us about the craziest, busiest, most hectic day you’ve had in the past decade.

Genius at Work

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Ten years ago, I was a college junior. My days went simply – I go to class, go to the library to either catch up on my reading or research for our assignments (sometimes to take a nap), I attend rehearsals (I was a member of the university theater group), choreographed dance numbers for the play, attend another rehearsal (this time for our school’s Annual Play Festival – by section), and finally, go home and do my assignments. You’d think this all happens in a week, right? Well, yeah, for four days in seven days.

That’s how one semester of my JUNIOR year went. We haven’t gone through the second semester yet, where we had to do an MTV, Documentary, PSA (Public Service Announcement), and Station OBB (Station Opening Billboard) on top of the endless rehearsals and classes. Senior year was all about classes (less of those, of course), rehearsals, internships and film making. I don’t know how I survived all of my days when I was studying, but gladly I did.

After college, life as a working girl went in a surreal blur. But three years ago, I decided to work from home instead. I thought I’d have more time for myself to do whatever I want but boy was I wrong!

Since I started working for ONCEPodcast last year, my Sundays and Wednesdays became very busy. If you’re handling two clients at the same time, days can get really crazy. But since Wednesdays are my busiest day of the week, I’ll give you a peek of that instead:

9am – 10am: wake up (breakfast, take a bath, check Blogging 201/Daily Post)
10:01am – 10:30am: log in to client 1, talk to him some, prepare my work for the day
10:31 – 1pm: Work on my blog (and have lunch in between)
1:01pm – 6pm: Work on client 1 (4:30pm – 5:00pm: tune in to Epic Reads’ Tea Time while working)
6:01pm – 6:45pm: Re-watch the latest Once Upon a Time episode
6:46pm – 7:00pm: Take notes from the episode, prepare my Show Notes
7:01pm – 7:30pm: Download screen caps, convert screen caps, then upload them to ONCEPodcast website
7:31pm – 8:00pm: Downtime. Time for me to relax, grab a quick bite, and prepare my earphone, make sure the internet is working properly (sometimes I restart my laptop)
8:01 – 9:45pm: SHOWTIME (ONCEPodcast)
9:46pm – 11pm: Transfer show notes on ONCEPodcast website, prepare the notes for publishing (which includes not only transferring the text I wrote, but also including the images, videos, feedback, spoilers, etc)
11:01pm – 11:30pm: DINNER TIME (Yes, I’m only having dinner by this time)
11:31pm – 12:00am: Prepare for bed time
12:01am – 2:00am: Reading time
2:01am: Lights out

So yeah, that’s pretty much how my Wednesdays went. Some days I have more time, especially when I don’t have to work for ONCE, but during Sundays and Wednesdays, yeah, don’t even bother me. Because once I spent a little more time on something, then I have to adjust the rest, which is BAD NEWS.

Despite my very busy schedule, I am happy with what I’m doing. I LOVE MY JOB. It’s not the most compensating jobs in the world, but I love it. I enjoy what I’m doing. Even if it means having to write a minimum of 2,000 words in one and a half hour every Wednesday and 1,000 words on Sundays, I’m not complaining. I’m proud to be doing what I do.



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