They’re Amazing, Too… I think?

24th October, 2014. 3:50pm

Blogging 201, Day Five: Drive Traffic to Your Archives

Today’s assignment: integrate features to draw traffic to your older content, including widgets, related posts, and a “Best of” page.

in your face

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Today’s assignment for Blogging 201 is all about archived post. It’s true, sometimes we write an article where we thought would be a hit but turns out, nobody even bothered reading it. When this happens, you either thought your work sucks or (if you’re the more positive type of person) just pretends that people are too busy living their own happy lives and they forgot to check out your abso-fucking-lutely awesome post (like my “Not Another Fairytale” entry or that Truth Serum response the day after I published Veritaserum, or that 200-400 word assignment for Blogging 101 which, by the way, I managed to come up with not one but TWO entries – The (Mini) Book-Writing Project and Word). See what I did there?

So how do we re-introduce our followers to our tell-me-I’m-not-the-only-one-who-thinks-this-post-is-amazing entries? Day five assignment‘s instructions was right—one is by using well-placed links.

Now, if you’re worrying about Word Press marking you as a spammer, don’t. They only deactivate your account when you redirect your readers to a single link (outside of your blog) many times in a single post/entry. I don’t think pointing your readers to any of your pages would guarantee your head on the chopping block.

And I did just that. Visited and edited my Introducing Me page; adding a few more links, as well as that little post to page short code. Now, let’s see if this will, indeed, drive “more” traffic to my little blog.

Need help? Fire your questions away on the comment section below or feel free to ask a private message using my contact form. I don’t bite, I promise!





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