Disney Lied!!!

20th October, 2014. 2:34pm

Today, the Daily Prompt asks:

At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?


Photo c/o: galleryhip.com

When I was a young, naive girl who was so in love with fairy tales and happy ever afters, I used to think that every girls and boys will grow up to be a Prince and Princess.

And then life happens.


I was so devastated when the frog I kissed didn’t turn into a prince. It was a total nightmare! I was barely thirteen when it happened. I can still remember every single detail… every tear I shed when I realized fairy god mothers don’t exist; that there’s no such thing as a flying carpet or a house of cake and confectionery. Hell, I don’t even know if true love really do exist. I guess if it does, we’d all be with our princes and princesses by now, living happily ever after in our own palace at a realm only we know.

But no, life doesn’t work that way. Not everyone finds their happy ending so perfectly the way all those Disney movies and stories I have seen and read, yet here I am still waiting, hoping for that one prince who will make my ever after happy.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Letter

Photo c/o: TheGradCafe.com

When my fairy tale bubble burst, my love for princes and princesses slowly fade away (although I must admit, there’s still an ember inside waiting to be ablaze), and I discovered the world of witchcraft and wizardry through Charmed and Harry Potter. I was in High School, and slowly I thought I was finally developing my own power – the gift of foreseeing. But alas, it was a fluke. I never got my letter from Hogwarts. Once again, I felt like the most ordinary muggle in the neighborhood.

I didn’t take up Ancient Runes or Divination; I never became friends with Hermione, Harry or the Weasleys; I was never part of the Dumbledore’s Army, and the most hurtful of all, I never met the Charmed Ones.


Keep calm your ass, Disney! I am NOT going to calm down!
Photo c/o: OhMyFiesta.com

But despite not being able to touch the Book of Shadows or join the battle at Hogwarts, I know that one day, someday, I will have my own happily ever after. It may not be as perfect or magical like the stories of every Disney princesses; he may never be The Chosen One and I may never be as powerful as the Halliwell sisters, but I believe in making my ever after happy. Maybe happier than any of the Disney princesses I know.

It’s Immortality, My Darlings

Alison DiLaurentis of Pretty Little Liars once said that girls who die early isn’t a tragedy and nor was it gruesome, “it’s immortality, my darlings. (Is it, though?) I know young girls don’t die. If their life ends at such a young age, they become angels. Of course, that’s not a guarantee but that’s what I believe and I’m gonna stick with that.




7 thoughts on “Disney Lied!!!

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    • Me too! I don’t care if I’m 52 or 82 when I finally go aboard the Hogwarts Express, I shall ride the train when the right time comes. And you’re right, we not be princesses, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live our own happy ever afters. I’m no damsel in distress but I still believe I’d find my own prince some day.



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