My Long Overdue Birthday Weekend Update

16th October, 2014. 8:45pm

Sorry it took me so long to publish this post. I’ve just really been busy since Sunday – with work, fangirling, plus I have a slight hangover with Blogging 101. But I’m good now so I can finally share with you what happened on my birthday.

(Written 15th October, 2014. 12:19am)

I know, I should have done this days ago, but there’s just a lot of things I need to do, I have to set this aside for a while. Plus, did I tell you I had allergies last Monday? Anyway, weekend was fun. We didn’t get to go out Saturday night, but that’s okay. Sunday was super FUN. Plus, I’ve got new books to read. 🙂

Have you seen last night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD? Oh my freaking God, that was one, if not THE best episode EVER!

Okay, sorry, was fangirling there for a moment. Back to weekend.

So yeah, I didn’t get to do much on Saturday except do a movie marathon on my own. I watched Daniel Radcliffe’s What If (he was soooooooo HOT in it), Two Night Stand (which kinda sucked), and about a half of Sex Tape. I said half because about halfway through the movie I thought about playing dress up and completely forgot about the film. Hehe!

But food was great! I had Taco flavored Doritos, fried noodles and Kiwi Strawberry flavored Snapple to accompany me. I just love days like that when I’m home alone. Perfect birthday present!

Speaking of birthday present, my nephew and nieces gave me birthday cards that they made themselves. I love that their cards were filled with Disney princesses. It made me feel like one.

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Sunday was tiring but super fun. We first attended the mass, as always, then headed on to our Sundate. Because it was past lunchtime, we decided to just stop by and order drive-through and eat while on our way to Bonifacio Global City. We arrived at SM Aura at around 2pm. It was the first time we visited the mall so we’re a bit lost for a while but got the hang of the mall easily.

Me and my niece, Porschia shopping for Halloween

Me and my niece, Porschia shopping for Halloween

SM Aura was such a nice place. It wasn’t surprising that their own Department Store isn’t packed with people because the mall is filled with high-end boutiques. There were still the familiar local stores, but the dominance of high-end boutiques were obvious.

Lookie! I found the Halliwell's grandfather clock! Or well, something that LOOKS like the one on Charmed.

Lookie! I found the Halliwell’s grandfather clock! Or well, something that LOOKS like the one on Charmed.

After shopping for a bit, we decided to head out and transfer to Bonifacio High Street, since it’s almost dinner time already.

Once we were parked, I asked my siblings whether they want to have dinner first then go to Fully Booked later (which is the point of my wanting to visit BGC, after all; I haven’t been in that bookstore for a long time). My sister asked me how long I will stay there. I said I don’t know but assured them I’m not that hungry yet anyway, although deep inside I really wanted to eat first.

New books to read. Yay! :)

New books to read. Yay! 🙂

I ended up spending more than an hour inside the bookstore. The good news is I managed to buy four new books. The bad thing is most of the books I was looking for were either out-of-stock (sold out), reserved, damaged, or not available here. I hate that word; when a particular bookstore says they never carried a specific book. It’s so unfair!!!

Anyway, while I was book-shopping, my siblings were in the bookstore’s upstairs Starbucks having coffee. Okay, so I gave them money so they can have coffee and they won’t pester me. Thank God I did because I don’t know what they’ll say or do to me for making them wait for me for more than an hour.

Royal Sibs

Me and my sibs at the Texas Roadhouse Grill

After getting high from book-shopping, we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse Grill in Building 1, which was very kid-friendly. Upon entering the restaurant (we opted for the non-smoking area), they were handed activity pads and colors. It was also nice that they took and served the kids’ orders first. The food was great! Oh, but sorry, I’m not gonna post the food pics because I just the photos using my phone.

I love the food! Serving was big, tastes even better, and it was worth the price. After dinner, we spent a few minutes just walking around, letting the kids play around the area (there was a Lego exhibit so we had them play there for a while as well as in the playground).

I didn’t really do much on my birthday (as I always do, or well, don’t do) but I was happy to be spending it with the most important people in my life – my siblings.

By the way, I ended up signing for Blogging 201. To be honest, I don’t know what’s in store for me for Blogging 201, but I realized if I didn’t finish this quest then why did I take it up in the first place? So with that, I guess I’ll see you guys in the Commons by Monday, yes?



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  2. Happy belated birthday! We were introduced to Texas Roadhouse Grill last time we visited the US. Been trying to recreate that amazing whipped cinnamon butter ever since!

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