Flying Solo

15th October, 2014. 10:41am

They say that you should travel alone even just once in your life. I’m 29 and guess what, by next year I’m traveling solo… Sort of.

Hold your horses, people, it’s not that big “I’m backpacking to wherever” trip. It’s just going to be a five four-day stay in Hong Kong because me and some friends (who I am traveling with for the first time) are going to watch a Lea Salonga concert.

At first I was really excited about this. I told myself that no matter what happens, I will fucking go with this trip. And today, one of my friends sent an iMessage to the group saying that we’re already booked for next year. So, as of today, there’s no backing down. I am going to Hong Kong in January… Without my family.

To be honest this is the first time I’m traveling without any family member in tow. Okay, well, that’s not entirely true because this is the second time because the first time was when our dance troupe went to Italy when I was in High School, but even that I was with my sister and lots of adults. This time, I’m on my own. I’m excited but also terrified.

Terrified of having so much fun without my siblings; Terrified of losing (or finding, perhaps?) myself in a bigger fishbowl; Terrified of the expenses. Holy cow the expenses! I’m gonna have to save everything I can from now on.

But terrifying as it sounds, I know I can do this, because goddammit I am going to have a LEAdventure abroad. Yay!!!

PS: Oh and uhm, my birthday weekend update is coming up later. 🙂 (and I’m gonna have to edit this later… Again!)




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