9 hours later…

14th October, 2014. 11:56am

My nose feels a bit better. Not normal, but better than yesterday. I woke up late again, but it’s okay. At least I can adjust my time ’til later. That’s what I love about my job right now. It’s so flexible.

I had a dream last night. I just couldn’t remember.

It’s been raining since I went to bed last night (or rather, this morning) and it’s still raining until now. I don’t mind the cold, I just hate the rain.

You know, blogging through phone is a pain… Especially when I do so much with it before publishing it. Why can’t we have the same options as when we’re using our laptops and desktops? Ugh. I’ll have to edit this later.

My head is throbbing a bit. I better head the shower now. My stomach is already grumbling with hunger and I have a long day ahead of me today.

G’am, y’all! Hope your day’s less sucky than mine.





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