29 Things

10th October, 2014. 12:18pm



“Bunso” is a Tagalog term for youngest sibling/child

29 years today I was born. 29 years later, I’m still the same height as I was when I started High School. Great.

But since today is my special day, instead of whining like a brat, I’m going to share the 29 Things I Am Thankful For.

Revel Bar

Brownie Overload Revel Bar and Brownie Overload
Photo c/o: Sweet Bite’s Facebook Page

  1. Books. They were the only one that never left me through good and bad times. And I learned so much from them ever since I started learning how to read.
  2. Music. Because I found and met so many great artists that changed my life. It pulls me up when I’m sad, push me even higher when I’m happy, and lets me know it’s okay to get mad when I’m angry at the world.
  3. My Diaries (online and off). For listening to my rants and raves without judging me, without which I would go crazy if not for them.
  4. Pepperoni Pizza. If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life, it’s one of them.
  5. Charmed. The first TV show I ever really loved. For some it’s just another TV show but I’ve learned so much about family just by watching it.
  6. JK Rowling. The woman who penned the Harry Potter series. She made me fall in love with reading and opened up my mind to the world of YA reading. I may have loved other series after that, but my heart will always come back to Harry Potter in the end.
  7. New York Cheesecake. You’re the next best thing after chocolate cakes.
  8. Brownies. Especially that oatmeal brownies me and my sister always buy during weekends from Sweet Bite by Bianca Samar. I love it because it explodes in my mouth whenever I eat them (unlike some brands that feels like ingesting a spoonful of chocolate flavored sugar. Hello, diabetes!)
  9. My Job. It helps me feed my family and buy whatever I want since 2006.
  10. My clients John and Daniel. John for introducing me to the world of Search Engine Optimization and Link Building, and Daniel for letting me write about one of my all-time favorite shows, Once Upon a Time. I am also grateful for both of them for giving me such flexible working schedule, which allows me to do other things (ie; attend important events, watch concerts) whenever I want to (and go to work at any time).


    This is me and my best friend, Lazelle (right) and our friend, Kristine (middle)

  11. My best friend Lazelle. We’re currently living in different country codes but she’s always there for me, even if we don’t get to talk every single day.
  12. Internet. It’s the reason why writing (literally) on a piece of paper was now very tiresome but it’s also the reason I met so many awesome people from all over the world. Plus, I wouldn’t have this blog if not for the internet.
  13. Chocolate Cakes. Especially Starbucks’ Classic Chocolate cake. You’re the best bet when everything is confusing.
  14. Chocolate chip cookies. Because they’re my next favorite snack after brownies.
  15. Coffee. My fixer-upper. Need I say more?
  16. Mia Michaels. For giving so much life and emotions to each and every dance that she’s choreographed. She made me fall in love with contemporary dance even more.
  17. All of my dance teachers. I never thought I could dance, but they showed me that I can.
  18. Our Artistic Director. For forbidding us not to be in a relationship while we were dancers. I passed High School and College with flying colors despite not knowing what it feels like to be in love.
  19. The Dance Troupe. I didn’t just learn routines, I learned all about discipline and time management and for that, I’ll be forever grateful.
  20. Pierra, MEG’s former Editor-In-Chief. For giving me the chance to live my dream to become a MEG intern and contributor. She, among with Mabel and Peewee were the best mentors any MEG interns could have.
  21. All the Disney animated films that I have seen. Because of them, I fell in love with music and musical theater.
  22. Mater Carmeli. My elementary school. I’m glad that my parents put me in a Catholic School because they help sealed my faith in my religion. I was a very shy girl and I may have forgotten every subject that we were taught, but the practices and faith in God remains.
  23. Blogging U. Because I never thought that I can still learn more things about blogging.
  24. My followers. I may have said this many times, but it’s true. I really don’t know what made you follow my blog, but THANK YOU… For liking my posts and sharing your thoughts, even though I suck at visiting your own blog.
  25. Chico and Delle. Not only did they make traffic bearable every morning, they also taught me how to speak the English language fluently. Plus, I’ll never forget the time I went on-air to seek help when I was 17 regarding my Daddy issues.
  26. Lea Salonga. For being so real online and in person. For lending her singing prowess that inspires me, especially when my Mom was sick, and for being my solitude when she passed away.


    Me and my sibs, King and Queen

  27. My siblings. We never grew up as best friends, but we are each other’s anchors. I am so proud to have such kind and awesome siblings as my brother and sister.
  28. My Mom. I’ve only known her for 17 years, but I’m grateful that she never left my side (and my dreams) even though she wasn’t here anymore.
  29. God. For just allowing me to live; giving me so much patience; my family; my friends; my job; for keeping me strong despite all the challenges I am facing and most especially, for keeping my family safe and healthy. I could never ask for more.




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    • Aww, thank you. I didn’t realize that. When I wrote that, I was just listing down things I’m thankful for for the past 29 years. But thank you… and for the birthday greeting, as well! 🙂

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