Day 17.

07th October, 2014. 2:09pm

Blogging 101, Day 17: Add a New Page

Today’s assignment: add a new page to your blog, and make sure readers can find it easily.

I had to think this hard because when I first read what today’s assignment will be, the first and only question that popped in my mind was, But what kind of page can I still add on my blog? The truth is I don’t know and am not sure whether I should still add more.

I could easily add a page, of course, like they suggested. I can create a gallery, sure, but do I really want to do it? Not really. An About page? Done. Contact Page? I already have it. So why still add?

Once again, I’m skipping Day 17’s assignment. But, before I go, I’m leaving you with something to think about before adding that page you don’t necessarily need:

Who cares

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