The Truth About Usana Essentials

29th September, 2014. 8:47pm

Before you close the browser and scoot away, let me be clear: This is not a paid article, nor will I be asking you to subscribe to anything. I’m not working at USANA either, so you can hold your horses, dear.

The first (and only) time my sister-in-law invited me and my sister to come watch their presentation, I had a feeling that we’re not gonna be there just to support her. But like the good, supportive sisters-in-law that we were, we stayed ’til the end of their presentation, even if we’d rather be somewhere else at that time. The moment they opened their mouths and talk wonders about earning big in just a week, I initially thought, sure, you can do that… NEXT! I mean, come on, no one earns money within a week just by telling a story. It takes hard work. However, I wouldn’t deny that the product they are offering sounds tempting. So me and my sister tried them. We purchased a bottle of the USANA Essentials, throw the current vitamins we use (okay, I was exaggerating. I didn’t throw it away, I finished all of my pills before trying the new meds), and started taking the Essentials. The effects surprised me.

Usana Essentials

During the first week I was taking it, I don’t notice anything exceptional except for one thing – it made me hungry all the freaking time! Before, I can go on eating only twice a day, but ever since I started taking these meds, I eat not three, but sometimes four freaking times within the day! The second week, Essentials gave me diarrhea… for two separate days (sorry, TMI). It was utterly uncomfortable, but somehow, I knew it was the pills fleshing out the toxins inside my body and I was right. That’s exactly what my sister-in-law said when I told her that the Essentials made me go back to the bathroom every 10 fucking minutes for two days. After that, I noticed I no longer feel bloated every day.

Now, the only thing I really didn’t like about this vitamins is that it’s very pricey. I know the pills do justice for its price, but it’s still very expensive. No wonder only a few people wanted to purchase their products.

Oh, yeah, and if someone from USANA happens to come across this post and thinks about asking me to become a representative, SAVE YOUR BREATH. I WILL NEVER SIGN UP FOR THAT SHIT. Taking your meds is enough, but me joining a Multi-Level Marketing? NO THANK YOU.

I’m not saying you should try it. Nor am I encouraging anyone to come join their MLM company because while they will (and can) persuade you with flavorful words, remember that everything takes hard work. There’s no such thing as easy money. Unless, of course, you’re a princess or the son of a politician or perhaps a family of a celebrity.




4 thoughts on “The Truth About Usana Essentials

  1. Lol! That’s really funny! The language you use in this just make me think why you can’t make it. Don’t think anyone is going to ask you anything as joining this company as it is not for everyone. It does take hard work to get to the top so if you can’t make it it’s ok :). We don’t judge 🙂


    • “The language I used?” What does that supposed to mean? First of all, me and my sister decided NOT to join your company. They even called us but we refused. Did you even read the entire article? I wrote the disclaimer for my readers, not the USANA reps. And I know it takes hard work because my sister-in-law is currently a USANA rep. Also, weren’t you supposed to not say anything when someone dissed your company? We attended my sister-in-law’s presentation, you know. LOL 🙂


      • That’s fine. I don’t ask you why you didn’t join. I was in shock of the language you used in your “article”. And also I read it so it seems free for everyone? No only for your readers :). Anyway, how I said I was more shocked of the language you used then anything else :). LOL


        • Dear, first of all, this isn’t the New York Times or Wall Street Journal, it’s a BLOG. I’m free to use whatever words I chose to write my post. And I’m shocked of your usage of grammar, too. LOL 🙂 But THANK YOU SO MUCH for spending so much time in my blog. I REALLY appreciate it. 🙂 LOL



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