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29th September, 2014.1:33pm

Blogging 101, Day 11: Build a Better Blogroll

Today’s assignment: share links you love with a widget.

I’m almost adamant to do today’s assignment because it has anything to do with widgets… AGAIN. Then I realized, maybe I should try it. After all, I could take it anytime, anyway, right? So I did; added a blogroll. The question is, though, which websites I can share with my followers that I like visiting that would make them want to visit, too?

See the thing is, there are quite a number of websites I can easily share with you all. However, if I’m going to put a blogroll, I should also list the ones that I think would benefit you, right? Something educational or interesting, at least. Well, here are some that I think you may find fascinating, too… I hope.

The Real Fauxtographer by Margot Wood

Photo c/o: TheRealFauxtographer’s Facebook Account

The Real Fauxtographer – A blog by Epic Reads’ Margot Wood where she shares photos inspired by Young Adult novels. If you’re a book nerd then you should really check out her website. Her take on the YA covers are exquisite and executed flawlessly. I especially loved Mila 2.0 and Dorothy Must Die.

Pottermore Keep Calm

Photo c/o:

Pottermore – For the Potterheads. I love it simply because it’s Harry Potter. Plus, being sorted into a house, brewing potions, dueling with fellow students and learning new facts about one of the best stories ever written in the world of literature is exceptionally thrilling for me. Are you on Pottermore? Add me up! I’m ChestnutElm122 there.


Photo c/o:

WritersCafe – The WritersCafe is a website perfect for all types of writers where you can share your articles. It is also a community for writers where one can rate and write reviews, find writing buddies, share and offer ideas and advice to other writers, and so much more!


Photo c/o:

ONCEPodcast – Well, you know why. I work there and I think you should really check us out.

Epic Reads

Photo c/o: Epic Reads’ Official Twitter Account

Epic Reads Youtube Channel – For my fellow book nerds out there. Okay, so most of their posts are about the YA community, but it’s a community created by HarperCollins that connects book lovers around the world.

What’d you think? Should I take it out because it’s an utter waste of space or did I do okay?








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