26th September, 2014. 3:22pm


Photo c/o: scribendi.com

Today’s assignment fascinates me, so I’m passing a second work.

Here’s my second 200-400 words or under post:

Have you ever come across a post and got dizzy all of a sudden, not because it’s too long, but because you just can’t understand a word it is saying? I’m not talking about grammatical and spelling errors. I’m referring to the use of words.

Like, you read a paragraph and you ask yourself, wait, what?, wondering whether you understand it perfectly or not so you check your dictionary for the meaning and realized, oh, so that’s what it means!

It’s true, challenging ourselves with using complicated words may look and sound like we’re such geniuses but have we ever stopped for a second to think about our readers? If the point is to share our views and communicate then why write in words only you would understand?

Think about it.




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