See what baggage can do?

26th September, 2014. 5:40pm

Zelena the Wicked Witch

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You know how people say to treat each kid gently? Do you know someone who grew up carrying so many (childhood) baggage? Have we ever wonder why? Did their parents not give them enough hugs and kisses? Were they bullied when they were young? Why are they so bitter and jealous of other people, especially their younger siblings? The answer is all of the above, of course.

I’m sorry, I’m still in the middle of re-watching Once Upon a Time and despite having seen each episodes more than five times, I’m surprised it still gives me new lessons and things to think about.

Take Zelena the Wicked Witch for example. When she was a baby, her mother, Cora, abandoned her simply because she was the lovechild of a peasant. She could never be royal, unlike her half-sister, Regina. So Cora abandoned her and left her to be taken to Oz by a cyclone. While another couple took her and raised her, her adoptive father didn’t grow fond of her, so Zelena went to the Wizard of Oz in search for answers. The good thing is he gave her the answers. The bad thing is it sparked a fire inside of her that turn her green with envy. She did anything she could to go back in time so Cora wouldn’t give her up, even if it means resorting to dark magic.

Now, why am I talking about Zelena? The truth is I love how Rebecca Mader portrayed Zelena. She has so much rage inside of her that she made me hate her guts. But, at the same time, discovering everything that she has been through made me feel sorry for her. It’s true it was her fault for letting her envy get the best of her, but it was Cora who made her that way. It was kind of the same with Regina, actually. Had she not kill Regina’s  lover, Daniel, Regina might have remained good instead of the Evil Queen that everyone known her to be.

I’m sharing this because I know someone who is kind of like her — my Dad. Every time he complains about his siblings, I roll my eyes and tune him out. I don’t want to hear his endless banter about why he and his siblings will never be okay, but the few times I bother to listen, I realized that he holds so much baggage inside of him ever since he was a kid. I hate it because I know, deep inside of me, I am turning like him, too.

I don’t want to grow old bitter and angry. I don’t want to be like him. So folks, be careful when dealing with a child. You don’t know how your words and actions will affect him/her when she grows up.

Regina Evil Queen

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