So Why Brain Fart

16th September, 2014. 10:00am

Day Two on Blogging 101: Edit your Title and Tagline.

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline. Make your readers’ first impression a good one!

Wait, what? WHY?!

Okay, first of all, let me just say that I will NOT do this assignment because I am already contented with my blog’s title and tagline. I will, however, honor what it said in the end — tell you what inspired me to use that title and tagline for my blog.

So Why Brain Fart?

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It was Susannah Cahalan’s book, Brain on Fire that should be blamed for this blog, actually. I have already mentioned this on my first post, of course, but let me tell you what exactly about the book that encouraged me to start this blog.

In the book, Cahalan, who is a writer at New York Post, shares what she has been through from the moment she was diagnosed with Anti-NMDA receptor autoimmune encephalitis. From the moment I got my first diary when I was 13, I fell in love with writing, so having an (online) journal where I can write everything in my head (without not giving a shit about what other people would say) thrills me. I like the fact that she was able to look back at everything she went through using that journal (with the help of her peers and doctors, of course). Still, why the title, if you may ask? Here’s why:

As you can see below my blog, there is a short FYI there that says the blog name was inspired by Delamar’s Brain Farts. From the term itself, Brain Fart, what I envisioned for this blog is a place where I can put all of my thoughts no matter how weird or ordinary or disturbing they may be. Most of the time I don’t check for grammatical errors, so everything that you can read in here is raw. Uncensored. Real. Why change it, right?

Oh, yeah, and as for the tagline, I think it’s self-explanatory.





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