14th September, 4:17am

Sometimes, I wish I could break up with my own family. If I could, I would’ve probably broken up with a lot of them by now.

My family has been fortunate enough to be living in a compound where my entire Dad’s side’s family lives. They’re seven in all, all legitimate, and it was the best part of my life. I didn’t grow up not knowing who my first cousins are; they’re the reason why I have an interestingly happy childhood despite what happened with me and my family when I was 12. But nowadays, I just don’t know why people are acting so fucking selfish.

You know that feeling when no longer belong in a place or a group? I’m starting to feel that these days. Sometimes, I feel like there’s a fucking Great Wall of China between us. That’s sad, but what’s worse is I’m getting used to it. Maybe it really is the time to go, find my own way and live separately. But how? How would you go out there and explore the world when you’re being tied up at the place you once called home? I know I can do it; the question is will I? We’ll see.






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