Very Good Girls

13th September, 2014. 5:47am


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What would you do if you found out that one of your closest friends was going out with the guy you liked so much and all those times you were telling her about him, turns out she was already screwing him, and she didn’t even bother to tell you that she already got the guy you were pining for? Would you hate her and the guy? Would you end your friendship because of a guy? Or would you suck it all up, accept the fact that he was such a big jerk for playing you and your friend? I know, it’s such a cliché, but it happens all the freaking time.

So what the hell are these all about? Three words: VERY GOOD GIRLS. You know, that Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen movie? I just saw it a couple of hours ago with my sister and it got me thinking, is a guy really worth ending a life-long friendship? Also, why is losing your fucking virginity such a big deal with (some American) teenagers nowadays? Can’t you get past high school and/or college without your being a virgin your number one problem? I’m not trying to be a Blessed Virgin Mary here who acts all high and mighty and detests ladies who give their virginities to men they love even if they aren’t married yet. It’s fine if you have such an active sex life. It just bothers me when teenagers and high schoolers think that losing a virginity is a must before graduating high school. Girls, please. There are more important problems to think about other than losing your virginity before starting college.

And guys, don’t be a pig. Please learn how to respect women and stop screwing and/or hitting on your girlfriend’s friends. That’s not nice. Girls, don’t do it, too. That’s what makes you such a slut; hitting your friend’s guy.





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