Epic Reads

11th September, 2014. 2:59pm

book sniffing

Photo c/o: JaneEyreLikesCupcakes.wordpress.com

Yesterday, I was finally able to tune in to my first Tea Time live ever! I was so happy.

I come across Epic Reads’ Youtube channel about two or three weeks ago and since then, I just couldn’t stop going back to their channel. It’s actually a bad thing, because I then realized how I can relate to most of their videos; book sniffing, lending books, spoilers, not sharing the same POV with others. Oh the horrors (or pleasure)!

Book sniffing… Oh my God. I LOVE book sniffing! Probably not exactly how the girl did it in the Epic Reads video, but I love sniffing books so much, especially the new ones. Oh but just for the record, I don’t do it with another person around okay? I prefer doing it in the comfort of the four-walls of my room. There’s just something so pleasurable with the smell of new books.

#booknerdalert !!!

I also said that it’s probably a bad thing that I discovered Epic Reads because it makes me go crazy whenever I come inside a bookstore nowadays. Every week, they always introduce new releases on Tea Time, adding to my ever-growing TBR (To Be Read) list. I can’t even find some of the books in my list and they’re (I) adding so much more?! Noooooooooo! (But I can’t resist it, so… :p)

On the other hand, I also find it so comforting knowing that there are other book nerds out there who are probably just as crazy as I am (or crazier) when it comes to reading. People whose past time includes hanging out on their own reading nook and spending weekends on a book. And the book nerd problems, oh my! I can so totally relate!

Okay, enough fangirling. I just really love reading, You should try it. It’s not only entertaining, it’s educational. 😀





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