YA Shaming

28th August, 2014. 5:19pm

Adults reading Harry Potter

Adults reading Harry Potter
Photo c/o: DailyMail.co.uk

Adults reading The Hunger Games

Adults reading The Hunger Games
Photo c/o: CalgaryPublicLibrary.com

I’m sorry, I’m just going to rant here because it definitely infuriates me. It’s an old post (about a few months back) but it’s maddening for a book-lover like me.

I found out about this on one of Epic Reads’ Tea Time vlog. Anyone who talks shit about adults who read YA books should be ashamed of themselves. Newsflash: Lots of movies being made and shown right now are taken out of YA books – The Fault in Our Stars, The Hunger Games franchise, Divergent, If I Stay, Percy Jackson, The Hobbit, and these are just a small number of the list of YA books that are set to be adapted to the big screen for the next two years, at least – because believe it or not, there are A LOT of GREAT YA books that needs more credit than they (YA authors) received. And how can we even forget Harry Potter and The Little Prince? Whether we want to admit it or not, JK Rowling was the reason why a lot of 90s and early 20s kid were encouraged to read; I was one of them. The Harry Potter series is one of the best stories ever written, no matter what genre are we talking about and no, it’s not (just) because it’s about a boy who discovered he is a wizard. JK Rowling was one of the few writers EVER to write the perfect love story in one chapter alone (ie; Snape’s love for Lily). Okay, so I’m with you on Twilight (I am not gonna comment on Divergent because I have never read that). Twilight is one of the poorly written books I have ever read. But how dare you, Ruth Graham, to judge grownups who read YA books. YOU are the one who should be ashamed for judging “ADULTS who read books written for children”.  Do you really wanna know why (some) adults (and more teens and young-adults) like to read YA books? Because they can relate. They are easy to read and understand. I think that if someone likes to read, you have to let them no matter what genres they prefer.






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