25th August, 2014. 12:46pm

Why are people so mean on the internet, especially on Youtube? Why can’t we all just learn how to coexist without smashing each other every single time? And here we are thinking that we’re better than the other person next to us. Did bashing someone else makes us prettier, richer, better? Why do people always have something to say about absolutely everything even though we know nothing of the subject? It’s just so depressing and disappointing.

I’m pretty sure about half of you (probably more) have already seen that video about a baby who stopped crying after hearing Katy Perry’s Dark Horse, or that Let It Go cover by two adorable girls. It irks me seeing those comments. I mean, they’re just kids, for crying out loud! I don’t understand how someone can say that the baby is ugly and fat like it was the worse thing in the world. I really hope that those who said “she’s so fucking fat” wouldn’t think about procreating. Please, we don’t need any more bullies in this world.

So maybe the video is unnecessary and a waste of your precious 38 seconds but guess what, NO ONE FORCED YOU TO VIEW THE VIDEO so if there’s anyone to blame, it’s you. Not the mother and definitely not the baby.

Another video that made me want to throw my laptop out the window is the one where two little girls sing to Frozen’s Let It Go. What irritates me the most is the fact that people complain too fucking much about the girls’ inability to sing when the Dad clearly said on the description that the video was never intended to show the girls’ singing prowess. It’s just two kids singing their favorite song. If you don’t like it and felt like it hurt your ear, it’s not the girl’s problem but yours.

I’m afraid what would these youngsters think when they see these comments when they grow up. Hopefully, the world is better when that time comes. Unfortunately, people’s attitude get worse by the day. I just hope these kids will grow up with grace and enough patience and understanding to know not to succumb to their hater’s level.





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