Recurring Dream

18th August, 2014. 8:58am

Have you ever had a recurring dream before? I have. I’ve been having this recurring dream about someone from my past for three years now. I never knew why or what it means.

Sometimes I hate it though. When I said from my past I really meant someone that should have been from my past. Someone I should have let go by now. But I don’t know. Just when I’m trying to move on and is slowly succeeding, he always manages to find his way back into my dreams. WHY?

I know, I could easily interpret my dream. I know how to read tarot cards, after all. But I don’t know. There are just times when I don’t want to rely on them (ok, so I’m just too lazy to read them). Still, I wish I know what all those dreams meant.

Another reason why I’m like this is because I recently found out that he’s already married. Well, at least according to his Facebook profile (as per my old best friend). I used to think that maybe I just need closure but we’re not friends on Facebook (and no, I will NOT add him either) and there are no other ways of communicating (I believe he’s in Miami at the moment).

Not that I’m complaining but why do I keep dreaming about him? Okay, so perhaps I still have feelings for him (my old best friend he’s my first love; even if I don’t want to admit it, I think he is, too) but that’s exactly why I’m letting him go; because I know he’s better off without me and that he deserves so much better. Right?





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