On “MartinLawrence” and Fame

16th August, 2014. 12:34am

I hate moments when I want so badly to write but nothing comes out of my mind. I was supposed to rewrite a Press Release today that’s due Monday and I initially had formed words in my mind last night when I went to bed, but they all got stuck in the dreamland so now I have nothing but my source material. It’s not writer’s block (what is it exactly, anyway?), it’s just that my mind is somewhere else right now… Like that MartinLawrence rumor. Has anyone heard about it yet? Ugh.

I mean, Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence are both awesome individuals but together? I mean, WHY?! And how can Huffington Post create a ship name when “they” aren’t official yet? Media outlets these days…

I read another post today regarding Jennifer Lawrence. Well, not exactly about her, but something that her bestie, (no, not me. Not you either) Laura Simpson wrote. She wrote a blog on her Myspace account about her awesome adventure when she went as Jennifer Lawrence’s date at the Oscars 2014. Yup, the second time that JLaw fell right after stepping out of their ride.

It was actually a detailed, well-written post, until someone commented, “for a girl who was invited to the Oscars, she has a lot of complains” (or something like that). It may seem as a complaint, but I was shocked that not even one of the commenters noticed how rude the photographers had been to her. She may not be famous like her date, but those photographers need not be rude by shouting, YOU IN THE HUGE DRESS, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY! (or something like that). Medias these days…

Sometimes, I wonder whether celebrities get seriously annoyed when the paparazzi yell, JENNIFER! JENNIFER! OVER HERE! JUST ONE SHOT! I’m pretty sure a lot of them want to scream SHUT THE FUCK UP! at the back of their heads.

Sorry, these kinds of mass media practitioners just bring out an ugly side of me. I am not saying this out of nothing, though. I actually had first-hand experience escorting someone famous once (okay, that was more than once), but what we went through was nothing compared to what those Hollywood celebrities go through.

For us, fans, it’s easier to say, well, they chose to be famous, they should get used to being swarmed by fans and photographers.” What we didn’t realize is that they are, in fact, humans, too. For someone whose entire life is an open book, privacy is very important. The least thing we can give our idols is their privacy; a chance to live their lives as normal as they can get.

Like when we see them in the mall or at a restaurant, for example. If you want to have a picture taken with them or an autograph, wait until they are finished. It’s rude and disrespectful to ask someone for an autograph or take a picture of them while they were chomping food. Sure you don’t want anyone taking a photo of you while you were eating, right? So are they.

Respect. I guess that’s the bottom line here. If you respect them enough, they will respect you back and probably acknowledge your request the next time you cross paths. Also, why be an ass just to get what you want when you can do your job with grace and poise? Think about it.





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