12th August 2014, 12:47pm

I just wanted to share this specific blog post I found on Delle’s blog entitled, “Zing.” I don’t know why but for some reason, I feel like someone is going to be asking me this in seven years. Oh, no!

“Zing” blogged by Delamar Arias

I befriended two classmates in yoga class. They’re sisters, both moms, both very friendly and they both cheer up the ladies locker room with their laughter. Anyway, this exchange really cracked me up. I was still laughing in the car on my way home. It felt like it was a scene in a romantic comedy movie. Yeah, the movie in my mind, right? Here’s the funny conversation I had with one of the sisters…as I remember it…

Lady: Are you married, Delle?

(She asks me out of the blue)

Me: No, I’m not yet married.

Lady: Ha? Wait, how old are you na ba?

(I start to think I’m not going to like where this is headed)

Me: I’m 35.

(As I flash a big smile. Fine, I admit I was waiting for a compliment…lol)

Lady: Really?

Me: Yup, I’m 35.

(I say this smugly. But her smile fades quickly)

Lady: Boyfriend?

Me: None at the moment.

(She looks seriously worried and then says…)

Lady: Aba, e…anong plano mo????? (Translation: Well, then, what’s your plan?????)


Delle and Cooper

Photo c/o: SmartParenting.com.ph

Currently, Delamar is living happily with her son Cooper Matteo and partner Tyler Ashby. I guess that means there’s still hope, right? Yay! :p









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