American Hustle

08th August, 2014. 9:31pm

So I read on Twitter a few hours ago that you’re actually six times less prettier when you look into the mirror and find yourself pretty and adorable. Well, that’s just fucked up.

It’s Friday weekend. And while everyone else is probably out there having parties or whatever, here I am stuck at home re-watching American Hustle. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just that I wish I could have more freedom to do the things I want whenever I want. I just can’t wait to get that kind of freedom.

Speaking of American Hustle, I learned a new lesson today. One of the characters, Pete Musane – Rosalyn Rosenfeld’s lover, told her, “Sometimes, you gotta let something die to let something live” when she told her that she doesn’t like change and that she’s afraid of changes. This is the second time I watched the film and I must say, I appreciate it more this time. He was right, though, now that I think about it; not just when it comes to love and relationships, but life in general. I mean, why would you keep punishing yourself by staying in a fucked up relationship or friendship or job when you can go out there and find someone or something better? Changes are horrifying but it’s necessary in order for us to move forward and grow. I am currently in a fucked up situation and I know I should follow my own words but timing is also everything. Sometimes, you just gotta know when to move forward and when to back the hell away. Either way, I know I’ll get there someday. I know I will.




4 thoughts on “American Hustle

  1. Great post! I agree with you that American Hustle is a film that needs to be watched more than once. For me, I had to watch it a second time to fully get grips on the story line, but I absolutely loved it. It is so complex. And I do love Rosalyn in it, she is both hilarious and slightly tragic. I feel both sorry for her but also inspired by all her bizarre philosophies.


    • True. I’ve watched it about 3x now and the more I watch it, the more it makes sense. A lot of people say Jennifer Lawrence was wrong for the role but I disagree. Her acting alone is more than enough.


      • Same here, I pick up something new every time I watch it. I know it is such a shame that some critics said she seems too young to be taken seriously as a depressed housewife, but I though she pulled it off very well. Maybe Rosalyn is suppose to be quite a bit younger than Irvine, because she is rather immature. Thanks for the reply.


        • I agree. Unfortunately, a lot of people assumed that she was playing a housewife the same age as Irvine, not knowing that he impregnated Rosalyn at a young age, which explains their age gap. That being said, the movie also gives a few other lessons, aside from the one I mentioned above.

          And you’re welcome. Thank YOU for reading and taking time commenting on my post. 🙂



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