Poem: ILY

11th July, 2014. 9:20pm

Just wanna share a poem I wrote last December 30, 2013 for someone. I gotta warn you, it’s so bad so go ahead and laugh all you want.

By the way, if anyone is thinking about republishing this poem, or planning to share it in their website or whatever, go ahead. I just ask you to please give me some credit by sending me a message, tweeting, or linking my blog.

30 December, 2013


I love the way you look at me like no one else matters.
I love how you listen to my sob stories, even though they’re too melodramatic.
I love the way you hold my hand like you never want to let go,
And how you hug me so tight, I don’t want you to stop.

I like the way you dress
even if they’re out of season.
I like how you make me feel pretty
despite me feeling like a total mess.

You light me up.
You bring me hope.
You make my day,
I just couldn’t say.

I love you.
I just wish you knew.
I love you.
If only you feel the same, too.









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