On Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez, and TMR’s 18th

07th July, 2014. 10:03pm



Photo c/o: justjared.com

Am I the only one whose heart is breaking because of the photos surfacing the internet of Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez kissing? Like, seriously, what the f*ck?!

I’ve been seeing the hashtag the entire day but was ignoring it because I was swamped with work (and Youtube). Finally, after working for 9 hours and spending about two and a half hours on Pottermore, I checked Twitter what the fuzz is all about and in an instant, I wish I hadn’t clicked the hashtag. IT JUST BREAKS MY HEART. Why, Zac, WHY?💔

By the way, Happy 18th Anniversary to The Morning Rush! I have been a rusher for more than 10 years and never have I ever gotten tired of listening to them. For five days a week (and last Saturday of every month), TMR served as my morning coffee, helping me battle traffic with a smile on my face. Chico and Delle also shed some light on me when I went on-air for Dear Chix and Delle. They may just be a morning radio show, but they’re definitely one show that is a great gift from the radio Gods.

Thank You, The Morning Rush. Thank You Chico, Delle, and Gino.






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