06th July, 2014. 01:07am

You know the friendship is real when both of you can still remain friends despite each other’s shortcomings and everything that you went through.

Last night I went to meet my former best friend, Laureen. We are still friends, mind you, just not BFFs. Still, it was nice catching up with the girl I used to call my ‘Bes’.

It’s amazing how, after everything that we went through (and we went through a horrible fight; like Lauren Conrad-Heidi Montag-Pratt fight) yesterday was as if nothing happened. I like that kind of relationship. Ok, so we were very immature when that big, horrible fight happened, but I am just so glad that both of us are past it now.

We may no longer be the best of friends now but she definitely is one of the people I’m thankful I have in my life.






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