To my 16 followers…

27th June 2014, 2:31am

I just wanna say THANK YOU to the 16 people who are following my blog. When I started this, I never really intended to open it to public (I was opting more for password-protected sites) but I’m glad I decided to do it via WordPress.

So THANK YOU, to 16 of you – assuming you all are real, live humans and not just some computer bots that are just waiting for me to follow them back – that find this blog interesting enough to be followed. It’s just so cool. I promise to go check your own blogs one day. Yes, that’s a promise! Who knows, I might follow you, too!

Geez, has it really been only an hour since my last blog? I must be that bored. Hey, muse, don’t you wanna come lay with me in bed and get some sleep? We still have one more day at work, you know.

Ugh. Oh well. Later ‘gator.







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