Happy Birthday, Mommy!

27th June 2014, 1:31am

I can’t sleep. I’ve been turning around my bed since 10pm and it’s past 1 in the morning now and I still can’t fucking sleep. WHY?

Happy Birthday, Mom! It’s my dear Mommy’s birthday today. She’d be 59 now if she’s still alive, but she’s not here anymore. She’s up there with the angels and her parents looking down at us. Sometimes I wonder what she would say or do if she finds out about the things I’ve been doing with my life. She’s probably gonna kurot me in my kili-kili. Ouch.

I had a dream last night (or was it the other night) that someone published this blog in a book. Can you believe it? My blog? Published?! To be honest I don’t know whether I should be happy or terrified. What with all the things I have said here, people will probably kill me when they find out. That being said, it would still be an honor to have a book of mine published. I do hope one day I could publish a book I wrote. No, I shall.

I missed The Voice Kids taping… AGAIN! I hate it and I hate myself because it’s been six months since I last saw my AFLS friends and Lea. I don’t wanna be disowned, you know!

Sorry, fangirling there.

My throat’s fucking itchy and dry. It all started after I ate one of those brownie chocolate chip cookies, which sucks because I looooove eating them! I’ve been nursing it for three days now and while my nose had cleared up, my throat’s still kinda itchy and gets dry easily. I need Pae Pa Koa. I badly need it. Ugh.

Don’t you just hate it when you wanted so badly to sleep but your mind just won’t stop thinking? It’s like it took 20 shots of venti-sized espresso and ten bottles of energy drinks it’s so energetic it’s becoming annoying already! Like, why can’t you just breath and let me sleep already, brain?!

Geez, thank GOD my best friend cancelled our early morning meet up today, or I’d be like a Walking Dead when I had to wake up at 4am.

Ok, well, I’m gonna go and try going back to sleep now (which is actually me saying “I’ll check Twitter again and hopefully it will make me fall asleep” – GOOD LUCK WITH THAT).







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