17th May, 2014. 12:57am

Don’t you just hate it when you’re being led on? It sucks, you know. It’s like being punched by a ten year-old; you think it wouldn’t hurt, but it did.

About two weeks ago I was singing different tune about whatever the hell is going on between me and him. I really thought he cared. But shit. I found out that he already had a new girlfriend when we were texting the entire day last May 2nd and 3rd. I was like, “WTF. I reactivated my FB and this is what welcomed me?!”

I felt like the biggest loser at the time. Had I know he was already taken, I wouldn’t have flirted with him the whole day. It was like finally waking up from a dream. A really bad dream.

Why do (some) guys do that? They make you feel so special then throw you off the bus the second the girl they’re wooing finally said yes?

I know. I should be blaming myself, not him. It was I who fell first. But still. Why go so far as offering me to be his neighbor and expressing that he wants me close to him when he just found himself a girlfriend? It was so confusing.







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