On Playlist, Aga Muhlach, OUAT Winter Finale and ‘Him’

12th December, 2013. 11:48pm

A lot of things has happened since the last time I updated this blog. A lot of them great, a few of them a pain in the ass.

First, please bear with me as I’m still suffering on a major hangover with Lea Salonga’s Playlist concert last week. I love the concert, but it’s what happened after the second day that caused this hangover. Last December 7th, I met Aga Muhlach. For anyone who don’t know him, he’s just one of (if not THE) hottest, most beautiful male celebrity in the Philippines. Not only was he hot, he’s also very kind. I’m so honored to have met him and dined (and drank) with him and Lea Salonga, along with my fellow AFLSers. And Lea’s rendition of Blurred Lines. OMG! It’s waaaaaaay better than the original!

I hate the fact that it’s Winter Finale week already. One reason is because it means I wouldn’t have added work (ie; extra income) for the next, oh IDK, three months?) but also because I’d miss Once Upon a Time and Wonderland. Now, “Finale” is currently my least favorite word.

I really hope I’d get my wish before the year ends – to have THE LEA on The Morning Rush.

I don’t know why I keep dreaming of him. I have been dreaming about him for two years now. What is up with that?

I’ll upload photos tomorrow but for now, I’ll probably get back on my reading.





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