Brain Freeze

02nd November, 2013. 10:57am

Brain freeze. Not like how it feels when you get slushied, but literally like brain feels… As in it seemed like my brain is (and so are my eyes) soooooo tired that it’s just not allowing me to think. Must be the time I spent today playing Words of Wonder.

5 hours. I only have 5 hours of sleep last night. After work the other day, we headed to the cemetery immediately. It was traffic, but not as bad as how it is the past few years. I guess it was because a lot of people are probably in the province because of long weekend vacay.

When we get home though, I hit the bed right away and sleep. Woke up at 12 and started working immediately. I was bummed out at work but I did manage.

Oh and John paid already! Thank God!





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